Garners Nearly 1 Million New Subscriptions Through Xbox Live

lastfmxboxLast Tuesday, Xbox announced that it would integrate Twitter, Facebook, Zune video compatibility, and into its Live services. The software update was free, and has thus far been a success. We recently reported that over 2 million Xbox live subscribers used the Facebook feature from their consoles in the first week. Equally as impressive, is the fact that has netted nearly 1 million new subscribers from the partnership. Since the introduction of the service, has seen a record number of new subscribers in a 24 hour period and Live users have streamed over 120 million minutes worth of music to their consoles.

As with most services on Xbox Live, only Gold subscribers get access to the streaming capabilities of Since only paying users get access to the service, it seems probable that Microsoft and are involved in some sort of revenue-sharing agreement, although neither company will comment on this postulation. Either way, this partnership seems to be a great move by both parties. Microsoft adds more features, while has increased its (potential) userbase.

I have yet to use this service on my 360, but I’m sure many of you have. Sound off in comments and let us know what you think of the latest integration.