UV wand kills H1N1 dead — dead I tell you

78326B There’s no shame in wanting to punch a medical epidemic right in its adam’s apple. Punch sickness, not people. That’s what I always say. If your white-hot hatred of Swine Flu still hasn’t tapered off, though, it’s gonna take a lot more than a little virus punching to get you the satisfaction you deserve. Might I suggest — and hear me out – murder? Yes, murder.

Murder via this ultraviolet light wand that looks like a cross between an oversized Wii remote and some sort of sick, twisted adult novelty item that Biggs has yet to review.

The $70 “H1N1 Destroying UV Wand” from Hammacher Schlemmer promises to choke the life out of “99.98% of the H1N1 virus after a five-second exposure when held 3/4″ above the contaminated surface.” And if you think there won’t be any collateral damage, think again. According to the product page:

“Also capable of killing MRSA, mold, and dust mites, the UV-C light penetrates viral and bacterial membranes and destroys their DNA, rendering the microorganisms incapable of reproduction and survival. Unlike liquid disinfectants, UV-C light can sanitize keyboards, upholstered furniture, cell phones, or any delicate surface that harbors germs.”

Yes, that’s right, it destroys DNA. The building blocks of all life, obliterated. Take that Swine Flu. You take that to hell and you don’t come back.

The H1N1 Destroying UV Wand [Hammacher Schlemmer]