Dealtaker's @couponbot Will Fetch Coupons For You On Twitter

As the holiday shopping season approaches, more consumers are looking for online coupons to provide discounts. In fact, Google Insights for Search indicates that searches for coupons and promo codes are steadily growing with 68% of consumers reporting that they plan take advantage of coupons this season. Free coupon site DealTaker is making it easier for consumers to find coupons on Twitter via a Tweet command @couponbot.

Here’s how it works. You send a Tweet to @CouponBot with a specific store name (@CouponBot BestBuy). DealTaker calls on an army of Twitter agents to search thousands of coupons in the DealTaker database and return links to the most current coupons to you via an @reply (not a DM). The links could be from DealMaker or the retailer’s site and you will receive a maximum of ten @replies. And Users do not have to follow DealTaker to use @CouponBot.

CouponBot’s model is compelling because it provides an alternative to searching on both Twitter and Google for coupon codes. Twitter is home to other coupon sites including Coupon Tweet and CheapTweet. Plus, plenty of retailers like Dell and BestBuy also offer coupons and specials on their Twitter streams.