ZooLoo Gets A Facelift With Revamped Homepage, Navigation, And Widgets

Back in July we took a look at ZooLoo, a service that looks to help users build their own websites (complete with vanity URLs) where they can manage their entire social network experience from one place — when it launched we described as an iGoogle meets Facebook, in that it’s a single hub that lets you interact with your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts. Since then the site has seen some significant improvements, including an overhauled UI that makes the site both nicer on the eyes and easier to use.

The biggest changes to the service is its revamped, streamlined navigation system. The old icons, which you can see in this screenshot have been replaced by a series of dropdown menus that are cleaner and easier to use. Another big addition is a home page, which aggregates your feeds from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and brings them together in a single feed. At the top of the feed is a box where you can enter a status message, which then you can then syndicate to each of the services you’ve connected to ZooLoo.

The service has also updated its website creator, which allows you to tweak your page as you’d like. The new version includes added support for CSS and HTML tweaking. Other additions since the July launch include support for Facebook Connect, and widgets that you can add to your ZooLoo dashboard (including PayPal, Google Voice, and LinkedIn).

Looking forward, the service has an iPhone app in the works that it expects to release in the next few weeks. The company describes it as “ZooLoo Home Page Plus” for the iPhone — basically a feed of your social network activity (which you can use to update across multiple services), as well as links to your photos, friends, and messages.