We Want To Do More Meetups In Europe But We Need Your Help

We interrupt normal programming to bring you an issue that’s affecting our ability to create a better tech ecosystem in Europe. At TechCrunch Europe we’ve been trying to help really energize the startup tech community across Europe – which suffers from the difficulty of being disparate and spread out – with a series of organised meetups featuring speakers, pitches and live video streaming on to TechCrunch.com.

Now, we’ve done this so far in plenty of places, such as Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona and more recently Berlin and Munich. Wherever we’ve been we’ve attracted 200 or more attendees – that’s practically a full conference. So we’d like to do more. But – and here’s the point of this post – we are fighting against Europe’s high venue costs. So we’re on the hunt for venue partners – maybe startups with really large spaces, or maybe universities – that can help us. Please contact our events team.