At long last, an iPhone quiver


Nothing says “please rob me blind” like riding a foot-powered scooter and housing your iPhone in a dedicated quiver-like sash that exposes the top-most part of the device, logo and all.

But if you’re confident in your ability to maneuver your scooter safely out of harm’s way or you live in some sort of suburban utopia where nobody gets their i-Products stolen, then perhaps the $20 Strap Pocket for iPhone will appeal to you.

It’s made of light and durable and Neoprene and works with all generations of iPhone and iPod touch models (and, of course, other similarly-sized gadgets). There’s a main pocket for the device, a smaller pocket for headphones, and a buckle for attaching it to a full-sized bag “for additional fail-safe security,” according to the product description.

Strap Pocket for iPhone / iPod / Mobilephone []