So! How excited are you about Windows 7

windows_7_graphic1It’s nigh on a few hours before the Windows 7 launch and things are heating up in the big city. Folks are lining up at the Windows store, children are quieter and more attentive in school, and the troubles of the world – global warming, terrorists, the economy – are on hold. We are waiting for a miracle and when it comes it will rhyme with ‘dindows’ and end with ‘7’

How happy are you about Windows 7? Like how totally happy?

Joking aside, I’ve been using a Windows 7 machine for almost a month now and I’m quite impressed with the stability and usability. I’m genuinely excited. Not excited enough to buy into it right now, but sooner or later we’ll all be using it somewhere. Microsoft is a juggernaut and no amount of snark can change that.

How excited are you about Windows 7?(trends)