djay version 3: You can play MP3s on a turntable!

You’re setting up for a party tonight. You’ve got food, girls, more food, and even Mike Chilludos coming! But what about music? No problem, just plug your laptop into some RadioShack computer speakers and hit shuffle, right?!

For those of you who don’t want your party to be graced with a spontaneous rendition of “Yakety Sax”,¬† Algoriddim Software has released djay 3. This DJ program integrates with your iTunes library, and automatically adds transitions and other cool DJ things to your mix.

Picture 1

The UI is straightforward for experienced DJs and anyone who has every used a record player. Simply select a song, drag it onto the platter, and hit the large, green play button. Basic functions such as a three-band EQ, crossfader, and stereo panning are all at the bottom of the turntables.

djay 3 does have some basic FX capabilities. The standard echo and reverb, as well as some preset transitions between songs, to give that real, disc scratching feel. You can either control the mix in real time, or select an iTunes playlist, hit “Automix” and let the program do it for you.

If you want to shell out $50 just for some cool transitions between and a GUI that looks like a turntable, go ahead. But if you’re serious about jockeying, get yourself a real turntable.