Palm WebOS update released, still no iTunes support

pre1The latest version of the WebOS was released today, with some minor improvements to the bluetooth, email, and the calendar. They still haven’t worked out that pesky iTunes problem though.

As far as updates go, this one isn’t terribly exciting. Palm added support to phone downloads from the Amazon music store (you used to have to use WiFi), backed up your bookmarks to your profile (so you won’t lose them if something bad happens), added a location feature to the calendar function, and added the ability to search to your emails based on the folder.

There have been some major updates to the App Catalog, including the ability to store payment information (pay apps anyone? this is pretty huge for both users and developers), and the ability to require a password any time that payment method is used. You will be able to reinstall previously purchased applications without having to pay for them again, by locating the application, and tapping “Download for free”. Obviously Palm is moving toward a model that will (hopefully) liven up their catalog.

You can download the update and get more specific details from here, but the one thing that is noticeably missing is iTunes support. Apple is still waging war with Palm over that one, and we’ll probably have to wait for the next update before we see the next salvo.