Happy MMS on the iPhone day, AT&T customers!


It’s time to go back, folks. Waaay back. Back to a simpler time; back when the government was busy with Enron and leaving No Child Behind. Back when the best Nintendo handheld the world knew had one screen and looked vaguely like a clam, and smart phones cost upwards of $600 – on contract.

We’re talking, of course, about 2002. Why are we having this little time travel adventure, you ask? Because 2002 also happens to be the same year MMS, otherwise known as “Multimedia Messaging Service” or “How people send inappropriate pictures to each other when they’re drunk”, made its big debut. Today, just 819 days and 3 models after launch, this oh-so-futuristic feature has found its way to iPhones on AT&T’s network. We loves us some iPhone around these parts – but anybody who thinks its acceptable that it took AT&T this long to get a feature found on every dumbphone since 2003 onto their flagship handset is taking too many sips of the fanboy juice.

It’s not live quite yet – but expect it sometime around lunch time, wherever you are. Remember, you’ll most likely have to plug into iTunes for a carrier update.

Update: The update just went live.