Apple to Greenpeace: Look, we're trying our best, ok!


It looks like all of Greenpeace’s needling of Apple over the past few years has paid off, as the house that Jobs built is about to announce its successes in becoming a more green company. Think carbon emissions data,all that jazz. Even though Apple is trying plenty hard to assuage the Green Brigade, it thinks it’s being treated rather unfairly.

So yeah, Apple is expected to release, I think any minute now, a whole bunch of data that proves that it’s a green company. How much carbon it uses, how many PVCs and BFRs can be found in its products, etc. Things, I’m going to guess, is not on the minds of too many of you. I look at it like this, and rather selfishly I might add: are Apple’s products green? Meh, that’s not really a concern of mine. Do the products work well, that’s my main issue.

Be that as it may, Apple, as you might expect, doesn’t exactly enjoy having to genuflect to the likes of Greenpeace. Who died and made those guys king? More specifically, Apple doesn’t like how Greenpeace will award good ratings to companies based only on promises of, say, cutting carbon emissions. Companies can pump out a press release saying they’re slashing their carbon emissions, and Greenpeace will clap clap clap. Meanwhile, Apple is over here trying to figure out what’s the “friendliest” materials it can mine to put in its products; what’s the safest way to generate electricity to power its plants, etc. None of that is recognized by Greenpeace, so Apple is all, “Oh, so we’re not green according to your measurements, well that’s just great.”