WTF Is This Article Doing On Facebook?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“Technology will never deliver us from evil. Only decent people can.” – Rabbi Abraham Cooper

What an odd blog post on Facebook today by Rabbi Abraham Cooper. The social network has failed to take a leadership position against Holocaust denial groups. And just when the buzz dies down, they post an article that ends with “We all must do our part to ensure that social media lands on the side of the good.”

So, ok, great. Let’s start by removing the Holocaust denial groups that put Facebook’s logo above some of the most ridiculously vile stuff I’ve ever read. eBay and others don’t allow Holocaust denial because it’s a back door to Jewish hatred. As a private company, Facebook could easily take the position that their site is no place for that kind of nonsense. Show me a Holocaust denier who doesn’t hate Jews and we can start a conversation I guess. But the fact is, they don’t exist.

Do your part, Facebook. Follow the Rabbi’s advice. Shut that evilness down. Sure, it’s funny when Facebook employees mock the situation by creating groups like “Michael Arrington Does Not Exist.” But I think Facebook can do more to be a part of a solution to the problem, rather than part of the cause.