Bandsintown Launches Affiliate Program For Concert Ticket Sales

Bandsintown, a platform for connecting live music fans to local live concerts and bands through personalized recommendations and notifications, is publicly releasing its API and launching an affiliate program which lets anyone share revenue from concert tickets sold on their sites.

Bandsintown, which was incubated at Launchbox Digital, basically aggregates concert ticket information from 62 separate ticket marketplaces (currently the site lists 200,000 concerts).

But the beauty of the startup is that they’ve exposed their API so that other music sites can integrate the concert listings. Bandsintown’s technology is compelling because it connects to music players like iTunes,, Pandora and other sites to learn a user’s music preferences, and then lets users track their favorite artists and receive alerts when there are events of interest near where they live.

The Bandsintown API lets people filter listings by by artist, location, date, and also recommends shows specific to a website’s or user’s musical tastes.

Now, Bandintown is creating further incentives for music sites to integrate its listings by launching the Affiliate Program. The revenue share is 50/50, so anyone who participates in the program will get half of whatever Bandsintown receives from its its third-party ticketing partners.

Hype Machine, TuneGenie, Pure Volume and Absolute Punk are music sites that are already using the Bandsintown API and participating in the affiliate program. Competitors to Bandsintown include Songkick,, and