One Verizon slide leaked, a ton of details (Moto Sholes, Storm 2, Curve 2, Samsung Rogue) uncovered


Somewhere out there, a VZW employee was tasked with making this “Coming Soon” presentation. As they began their work, they likely thought to themselves, “Hey. If this leaked, it would reveal a whole lot of crap we probably don’t want revealed yet. Given our history, it will probably leak.” and then proceeded to make the slide so as to not get yelled at. A few days later, it popped up on BGR. “Hmph – told you so,” said the employee to himself.

But really – in a space no bigger than a few hundred pixels, much of Verizon’s upcoming handset schedule is laid out:

  • LG Dare will be replaced by the Chocolate Touch in October, should cost roughly $230
  • Samsung Alias 2 will be replaced by the Samsung Rogue later this month, costing a surprisingly hefty $370 (presumably before some big rebate). The Alias 2 is a pretty damned new phone, so we’d imagine its only being bumped down a few tiers rather than being nixed from VZW’s lineup altogether.
  • BlackBerry Storm will be replaced by the BlackBerry Storm 2 in October, no price set.
  • Moto’s first Android phone, codenamed “Sholes”, is set for launch in late October
  • Nokia Twist 7705 in late September
  • BlackBerry Curve 2 in late November
  • Mysterious “HTC Razzle/Blitz 2” coming in late October

More leaks like this please, carriers.