Do a good deed, and get your vintage arcade game on at the same time

neo1qd01It would seem that the boys from Penny Arcade are in the process of moving their operation into a secret base, where they will continue to take over the world. As a result of that move, they are selling off their Neo-Geo machine to the highest bidder. And hey, the money goes to the Child’s Play charity.

The auction ends on August 8th, this coming saturday, and it currently at the quite reasonable price of $710. There is a minor issue, and that is you must either be local to Seattle, be willing to drive to Seattle, or at least know someone in Seattle willing to pick up the game for you.

The machine is refurbished, and has had all the joysticks and micro switches replaced. I’m betting you might even be able to talk them into signing it for you if you were persuasive.