Larger Than Life Prints: Because Giant Custom Stickers Make Everything Better

Earlier this afternoon, the TechCrunch office got some new additions: a collection of massive stickers, ranging from giant TechCrunch logos (you can see them on the CrunchCam) to various animals, a big donut, and even a surfing alien. They come from a new startup called Larger Than Life Prints, which is best described as a CafePress or Zazzle for humongous stickers. The company allows users to design their own oversized wall graphics, which can then be ordered in one-off runs or sold to other visitors through an integrated store.

The site is still fairly new, but’s already beginning to attract some top talent, including Susan Kare, who is famous for designing the on-screen graphics of the original Macintosh computer and many of Facebook’s popular virtual gifts. LTL Prints is featuring many of these artists in a collection of ‘big wall art‘, which includes art curated by the Start Soma Art Gallery.

It’s hard to really get excited about stickers, but these are actually pretty impressive. They’re made out of a study fabric-based paper that’s really hard to tear (we tried), and it can also be applied many times on various surfaces, like walls and glass. You can roll the sticker up in a ball, and it will pull apart without any lasting damage. Contrast that with most other large stickers, which are typically made of vinyl, and it becomes clear that these are truly some high grade stickers.

Prices for the stickers range from $20 for a 2ft sticker to $165 for a massive 7 ft tall sticker. From there you’re free to charge higher prices if you sell your sticker in the site’s integrated marketplace.