Some of the facts on the Apple suicide

So the New Yorker, of all places, has a few salient facts on the Apple case. I’ll just report them here and let them lie because, as someone once told a man with a broken nose, this is China.

The first report is from the Southern Daily where a journalist claims to have seen the surveillance footage of the interrogation and that nothing untoward happened – no beatings, no torture. However, he was interrogated.

The second report says that the employee’s manager suspected the employee, Sun Danyong, of lying and that Sun himself asked fro his home to be searched. The manager is now being hounded by Internet mobs and is unable to return to his house.

The third report says that FoxConn CEO Terry Gou is under investigation by the IRS for tax evasion. It looks like a smear job.

Finally, we currently understand the situation with the phones. A group of phones were mailed to Cupertino and one went missing. This is absolutely ludicrous. At this stage in the game this is on par with admitting you let your kids play in the street after they fall down a well – sure they weren’t hit by a car but this shows an alarming lack of oversight. If a shitty iPhone – probably the Chinese one without Wi-Fi – is worth interrogating an employee over why not chain the iPhones around someone’s neck and put them on a plane to SFO.