Flash accessory mega-kit from Brando

The last thing I hocked for Brando was a 70-LED video light, and I still recommend it. But it looks like they’re hot for budget photography gear, since now they’ve got this big flash accessory kit for $88 that includes pretty much everything you’d want to stick on that Speedlite. Diffusers, colored filters, honeycombs, everything. Very fancy.

It’s not something for the amateur shooter, but if you like taking pictures at parties, these will make your flash photos way better. Take it from a guy who really sucks at taking flash photos because he won’t invest in some decent kit.

Here’s the full rundown of the kit:
– Soft Diffuser with 6 color Mask
– Honey Comb
– Conical Snoot
– Barndoor
– Mini Reflector
– Globe Diffuser
– Flash Adaptor

That’s a pretty big haul for under a hundred bucks, and it’ll make you look way more professional. Besides, who can say no to cool photo accessories like this? Other than penniless bloggers like me, of course.