Amazing Nearest Subway App alters the Matrix while pointing you to the Q

If you’re anything like me whenever you pop up from the subway or metro you’re always lost. No matter where I am I can simply stick my head up like a grotesque and hairless badger and find myself in a brave new world, completely unsure of next steps.

Luckily, if you live in New York you can use the AcrossAir Nearest Subway App for the iPhone 3GS. This app overlays nearest subway stops on the live image in front of you. That’s right: this is a HUD for straphangers and it works amazingly.

You can hold the iPhone flat to see arrows pointing you to various subway stops or hold it up to see signs and distances for nearby stations.

The app isn’t available yet, sadly, but they’re working on versions for London and Barcelona and are searching for beta testers for other cities. Presumably this works best on the iPhone 3GS. This reminds me of… well, I’ll just let Charlie Sorrel say it:

Oh, and I almost forgot the obligatory mention of Minority Report. There. Done.

via TheCharlieSorrelWebsite