Thanko rolls out USB can cooler and heater


Yet another USB gadget from Thanko: This time the Tokyo-based company surprises us with a USB can cooler and heater [JP]. That’s right, you basically get two practical devices for the price of one (a simple switch does the trick).

Plug the gadget into a USB port and it will keep your beverage warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Thanko says this is usually the case for about 4 hours (after that, the cooling/warming effect wears off). The device features a temperature range of between 7 and 50°C.

thanko_can_usb_2The USB can cooler and heater (which can also be used for tumblers and such – as long as they have the right size) costs $45. Expect Thanko to list the thing in their English online shop soon.