Asus' swivel-touchscreen T91 gets reviewed

Among the legion Asus netbook offerings (like Nintendo, “too much of a good thing” means nothing to them), the T91 has stood out due to its swivel-screen and tablet-like design. Whether a netbook version of the reasonably popular (and expensive) convertible laptop/tablets was warranted is really a moot point. Asus was going to make every flavor of tiny notebook they came up with whether it had a market or not. After all, netbooks didn’t really have a market when they came out, did they?

The T91, it seems, is a compromise of a machine, stuck somewhat uncomfortably between small netbook (9″ screen) and tablet. Everything about it is compromised, but they’ve made the best of it and it functions as well as you can expect a tiny convertible netbook to. Unfortunately, it’s underpowered even for a small platform, and the resistive touchscreen is less than a joy to use. Still, if you need a paperback-sized tablet PC, this is really your best option.

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