Rechargeable air horn ushers in age of endless amusement

p38107bThe common air horn: enhancer of graduation ceremonies, sporting event attention-getter, and the perfect way to wake someone out of a drunken slumber. But air horns are expensive and they don’t last that long — there’s got to be a better way!

While $30 might seem like quite an outlay for an air horn, the Ecoblaster can be refilled endlessly with ordinary, everyday air from a bike pump. Each recharge provides up to 70 adjustable-volume blasts of up to 115 decibels apiece.

Bonus: you can take it to your next environmental rally, as it doesn’t use any harmful gases. It also meets Coast Guard regulations, so get one for the pontoon and start honking at people.

Ecoblaster Rechargable Air Horn [Things You Never Knew Existed via OhGizmo!]