Launching The TechCrunch Europe Top 100 Index

Today we launch the TechCrunch Europe Top 100. This is a new, constantly updated Index of the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies, as compiled by our partner YouNoodle. As you’ll see, the Index is focused on mobile and web companies, although cleantech and gadget companies will have a presence on the list, which covers the broad Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA).

So I bet you’re wondering why we created this list? Well Europe, despite being a bigger market than the U.S., is spread across multiple countries, jurisdictions and languages. However, many companies themselves trade both across this complex matrix and internationally. So in order to throw some light onto the situation we wanted to do more that just cover the market in a traditional media manner (as we already do). We wanted to use a data-led approach to create a list which could start to throw up both the themes and the diversity of this rich marketplace. We hope the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 will help throw some light on the European companies that are generating strong, genuine progress.