Good deal: Plenty of those LucasArts games are $5 on Steam


You’ll find that most of the games that LucasArts just made available on Steam are no more than $4.99. (Battlefront II and Thrillville: Off the Rails are the most expense at $19.99.) The full list? Sure, why not?

Here you go:

The Dig $4.99

Star Wars Starfighter $4.99

Star Wars Republic Commando $9.99

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures $19.99

LOOM $4.99

Armed and Dangerous $9.99

Star Wars Battlefront II $19.99

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade $4.99

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis $4.99

Thrillville: Off the Rails $19.99

Supposedly The Dig is totally worth your time, but, again, I was never a PC gamer, so I’m only going by word-of-mouth here. Though, considering you can’t walk out of Cold Stone without spending at least $15, these are all probably fine, fine deals.