Sweet faux Wii has "real time action graphics"

Still can’t find a Wii at your local Toys R Us or Gamestop? Head on over to the dollar store and pick yourself up a Zone wireless gaming system! This $30 wunderspiel includes either 7 or 80 games, depending on which package you buy, although it’s unclear whether the controllers are in any way motion-detecting. I’m guessing no.

It’s garnered an unprecedented 1-star rating on Amazon, with such rave reviews as:

I am a college educated person with a lot of technical knowledge and I had to hold the manual in one hand and the controller in the other and try to figure out how to play the game.

He also describes it as “worse than the original Nintendo,” which I think is unfair, since pretty much everything in the world is worse than the original Nintendo, including you and me. Next:

Extreme disappointment — Wuold not pay 50 cents for this at a rummage sale much less 50 dollars for it on line.

Outstanding. The Zone is one of many Wii knockoffs, but this one doesn’t even pretend to be more than 16-bit. My favorite so far has to be the Wü, which skillfully drew a line between the two i’s in “Wii,” forming a new and more inexpensive product.

[Original image by Lambboy, via Reddit]