IR multi-touch surfaces for about $2,000: Very cool

Have a burning need to install a large, multi-touch screen in your home or office? Well you’re in luck. DemandEvolution has created a multi-touch screen for artistic, office, and personal use that requires a projector and can then scan that screen for motion and react accordingly. Take a look at these wacky videos for a clearer picture.

Essentially you’re creating a vertical Microsoft Surface for $1,800 plus $200 shipping. The kit includes a 50-inch screen, IR touch surface, IR video camera, and software and drivers. All you have to do is set up a projector aimed at the surface and flick and twist your way into multi-touch heaven.

These good folks also make a 30-inch multi-touch LCD for $5,500. It’s a little bit pricey but hey, it’s the future.