A solid-steel iPhone case I can actually get behind

Another day, another iPhone case, right? Well, kind of, but this one differs from all the others in that it’s totally awesome and has a set of lenses that fit into it. While I’m the last person in the world to shoot real pictures or video on a phone, if I had to, I’d certainly make sure I had some real glass on it. That’s what the Factron Quattro case offers — well, that and about a pound of extra weight in your pocket.

I love everything about it. The lines are nice, completely reshaping the iPhone to a meatier machine, the construction looks great (check out the screws), and who couldn’t use a wide-angle adapter now and again?

Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey at $200, and lenses come separately. For that price you could get a quarter ounce of gold! Beautiful, beautiful gold!

[Via Engadget and Engadget]