PSP Go: faster under the hood, but you probably won't notice

In addition to a Mylo-esque physique and UMD-less guts, it seems that the PSP Go has a significantly improved CPU. What a pleasant surprise! Of course, this isn’t leading to some games having a “turbo mode” or any other crazy ideas you might have — it’s just making the whole PSP experience that much more responsive.

The boost from 333MHz to a potential 480MHz is unlikely to affect games except in CPU-only operations, like decompressing textures or switching files in and out of RAM, that kind of thing. I’m guessing you’re going to see improved load times and reduced slowdown, but beyond that it’s wishful thinking.

Certainly no one will release any “PSP Go only” games other than those inevitable small ones which are only downloadable, since 95% of the PSP market will be old PSPs for a while — due to Sony’s regrettable pricing, pickup rate will be slow. So you’re not going to have “PSP Go-accelerated!” or anything like that.

Relieving news for old PSP owners, and decent news for PSP Go owners. Good times all around.