Novint Falcon now officially works with Valve's Orange Box

Huzzah! After almost a year in development, the Novint Falcon has gone native with Valve’s Orange Box — that’s Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. “Native” meaning that you no longer need a special version of the game to use the Falcon. What does that say to me? It’s time to really review this thing, since everyone involved clearly believes it’s fit for human consumption now.

If you start your Steam client, it should update all the relevant games. Or you can just read the news here. If you’re Falcon-curious, they’ve got a deal right now where you can get the Orange Box and a Falcon for $150 — that’s a pretty solid deal for such a major peripheral. And since Novint is working with EA and others, you can bet they’re going to have lots of support, and there are probably hacked versions of a lot of other games out there.

And what about Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike? Support is coming soon, I’m just going to arbitrarily say some time in the next two months, based on nothing but a blogger’s intuition.