Cool home project: DIY shelves from steel piping

3650626978_c282126b69_bIf you’ve got an area you’d like to fill with shelving, this looks like a great solution — if you don’t mind the industrial look. And the brilliant part is that it takes almost no craftsmanship skill to make — just measure, decide on shelf sizes, then take a trip to the local hardware store.

Useful if you have a lot of heavy books, like me. The $30 Craigslist bookshelf I’ve got now seems to be working fine, but I can see those shelves sagging under the weight of my leather-bounds (books used to be a lot heavier, apparently). Probably a good intro to basic home crafts for the kids, too.

The one pictured is by Robert Gutmann, and you can check out the process and other pictures at his Flickr page.

[via Apartment Therapy and Simplified Building Concepts]