CATS.i: The tracking device that's the size of a cellphone battery


This is the CATS.i. It’s a tracking device that its creator says is so small it’s “almost undetectable when being worn.” I could see paranoid parents putting it in their kid’s pocket to make sure he doesn’t wander off. I could see a dog owner slap it onto the collar, to keep an eye on Fido at all times. And, in a Hollywood-esque moment, I could see slipping it in your wife’s purse, to make sure that she and the gardener aren’t too friendly. (But now you’re dealing with trust issues…)

In any event, it’s supposed to be the world’s smallest such tracking device, about the size of a cellphone battery. It’s got a built-in GPS tag, and then it uses GSM to radio in the device’s location.

How about that, putting little radio-tags on your kids, like you would a dog. How silly has society become? That’s probably why some parents would rather have their kids sit in front of a TV and play video games all day. At least then they don’t have to worry about The World out there. Not to say the the underlying tech isn’t neat, of course, but its use is just weird to me. That is all.