Vooices Could Verify Celebs On Twitter, And Already Works

Vooices is a new API startup which allows anyone to overlay a web app with voice interaction over a phone line. An example is the very simple game the makers developed called Wordz where you dial a phone number and read out the color of the word. And the Maps application they have mocked up supports most Google Mapping commands and uses the latest version of the Vooices API. The effect of being able to tell the map to Zoom In or Zoom Out or “North”, is really very, very cool.

More intrigingly, Twitter could, instead of verifying accounts without actually verifying them, use something like Vooices instead. And in fact, Vooices has already built the app they need.

Voiceboo Verify uses the Vooices API to authorise Twitter Accounts using a persons voice – and then gets the community to vote on whether it’s really them. Here’s how it works…