Guess how much it costs Palm to put the Pre together


As with every gadget that comes out, someone had to go and disassemble the darn thing. And even though the Palm Pre only come out today, Rapid Repair has already torn it apart, rapidly. A rough “guesstimate” of the cost for Palm to put the Pre together? Around $170; the device retails, sorta, for $199.

Would I recommend you try to disassemble a Pre of your own? No, that would be silly. Granted, I’m not the handiest person in the world—I fried an Xbox1 motherboard trying to install a modchip some years ago; plug-in mod to the rescue!—but, really, there’s not point anymore.

And a brief note to all y’all Palm Pre fans: as you’re standing on line, waiting for the kid behind the counter to hand you your phone, please don’t forget that today is June 6: 65 years ago to the day of the D-Day invasion. Many young men died so that you could have the freedom to wait in line at Best Buy or Radioshack all day and pick up your new plastic god.

Just keep ’em in mind, ok?

That is all.