Pixelpipe Amps Up Android App With Video Uploads

Pixelpipe, the service that lets you syndicate text, audio, video and image files to 80 different social networks, blogs and sites, has launched an amped up version of their Android app. Following the release of the Android 1.5 “cupcake” that has video capture functionality, Pixelpipe’s app lets you upload video and audio directly from the device to over 45 social media destinations.

The new app, which previously let you send photos as your status update or blog/micro-blog post, will link to media and send out a shortened link back to the user’s customizable pi.pe landing page. Similar to TwitPic, a pi.pe page is a customized Pixelpipe landing page where media can link back to.

The Android app also lets you upload MP3s and audio recordings directly from the handset to music-focused social networks such as Imeem, as well as to Twitter, as a status update or an email. Since video files can be so large, the startup has rewritten its mobile upload service to accommodate large files being transferred from slower mobile connections. Pixelpipe’s app also enables background uploads, allowing users to just press the home key to put Pixelpipe in the background and still continue an upload. This contrasts to its iPhone app, which loses the connection to the application as soon as the application is closed.

Pixelpipe’s app will be a boon to Android users out there, especially given the new video uploading capabilities. The true virtue of Pixelpipe’s service is the fact that it lets you publish all types of files to various social networks and sites from a centralized place versus TwitPic, which lets you publish photos to just to Twitter, or TwitVid, which lets you publish videos to Twitter. The latest Androids got some buzz last week at Google I/0, where the company handed out free G2 Androids to attendees as a thank you to the development community. While Android’s market share is still small, a full 18 to 20 different handsets are expected to be released this year from a variety of manufacturers.