Unlocking the "uncrackable" Medeco Deadbolt


Marc Weber Tobias is a locksmith with a flair for the flamboyant. His goal, really, is to show the insecurity of most lock systems and his efforts to crack the Medeco Deadbolt, the lock the U.S. government uses to secure its secret pot supply as well as almost everything else it likes to keep locked up, are now legendary.

Wired ran a great article and video of Tobias in action. He is an unapologetic hacker. He also sounds like Droopy Dog.

Lock-breaking is equal parts art and science. So is the ability to royally piss people off. Tobias is a veritable da Vinci at both endeavors. His Web site’s streaming video of prepubescent kids gleefully opening gun locks has won him no points with mothers or locksmiths, and his ideas about how to smuggle liquid explosive reagents onto commercial airlines spookily presaged the Transportation Security Administration’s prohibitions against carry-on liquids. Over the past 20 years, Tobias has been threatened by casinos, banned from hotel chains, and bullied by legions of corporate lawyers. And enjoyed every minute of it.


via Giz