Sony upgrades the Vaio P, ditches Vista for Windows XP


Good to see that, sometimes, even the biggest tech companies can come to their senses. Today Sony in Japan announced a new Vaio P model, the Vaio P50 [JP], which comes with Windows XP SP3 instead of the hopelessly problematic Vista Sony shipped their Ps with so far.

The P50 features an ATOM Z520 processor (1.33GHz), 1GB memory, an 8-inch screen with 1,600×768 resolution, a 80GB HDD, Wifi, Bluetooth, WWAN, an SD card/MMC interface and two USB slots. As an option, a 256 GB HDD or a 2GHz CPU is available as well.

The new Vaio P is available in green, white and red. Japanese buyers can get one starting June 6 (price: $895). No word from Sony yet concerning a release outside Nippon.