MPAA argues in RealDVD courtroom that copying DVDs is illegal under the DMCA


What’s another phrase for, “meh, who cares?” That’s what I’m thinking when I read that the MPAA tried to argue in court that making a personal copy of a DVD is illegal under the DMCA. Is it shocking to people that the MPAA would argue in favor of its own interests, possibly at the expense of the your ability to make rip a DVD? No. No it’s not.

This all “went down” at the Real DVD court hearing. Remember Real DVD? It is (was?) a piece of software that made copies of DVDs that would then only play within Real’s software; you couldn’t, say, burn a disc then play it on your stand-alone Sony or Samsung (or whatever) DVD or Blu-ray player. That wasn’t good enough for the MPAA, you’ll recall.

But back to the issue at hand—the MPAA hates each and every one of you.

Isn’t it strange that Real, a company so teased and mocked by the Internet community for years now (see: buffering jokes, etc.), is now in a position to argue for our rights as consumers to copy our legally purchased DVDs.

Photo: Flickr