Best Buy stores to only stock 4 Pres on launch day, better bring your sleeping bag

We knew that the initial stock of Palm Pres was going to be light, but only 4 per Best Buy store seems down right suicidal. The total amount of Palm Pres in Best Buy’s inventory will be 4,250, which works out to be 4 per store according to one source. Better go dig out the sleeping bag and lawn chair now if you were planning on getting a Pre on June 6th.

Whatever the case may be, Palm will certainly lose some sales if some folks can’t get their hands on the Pre during the first couple of days. Don’t forget that Apple’s got an event lined-up two days after the Pre’s launch where the next iPhone 3.0 will likely be announced. It’s not like Palm has that solid of a track record that people will not lose interest once they hear what Jobs & Co. have in store for the third generation iPhone.