studiopic-3Having your super hit song mastered with some sexy and expensive analog gear is an important part of the music making process. Of course you can do the mastering yourself in your home “studio”. Trust me on this: Having your song professionally mastered is a good thing and does it even better.

Listening to music is fun. Listening to the same song again and again is fun too but only if it keeps your ears interested. Professional mastering is the key to that. Of course you need proper mixing, etc but in the end you need someone qualified and in possession of good ears to listen to your song and do voodoo stuff with it. is offering professional mastering service for those in need. It’s very simple to use their service: register an account, upload your song and wait. After a while you’ll receive an email once your track can be downloaded for a preview. If you like what you hear, pay online and receive the fully mastered track immediately. It took about a day to receive the master for the song I uploaded. Mastering a single song costs $120 and you get a discount if you want more songs to be mastered. In my case the unmastered song I uploaded got twice as loud than it was before. The vocals are clearer and better and the whole song is more in place somehow: it’s good to listen to it over and over again.


You can compare the unmastered version with the mastered one below. Oh and by the way we are launching a remix contest tomorrow with great prizes to win. For instance the best mixes will be professionally mastered by