Next iPhone to have built-in video editing? One fanboy thinks so.

It’s an accepted fact that we’re only a few weeks or months away from the next iPhone. But we really don’t know anything about the next Jesusphone past pure speculation. A BusinessWeek report probably doesn’t know anything we don’t, but does point out valid reasons why the next iPhone will make video shooting a breeze. 

Mainly, Peter Burrows points out that there hasn’t been a dead simple solution for mobile video other than Flip-like pocket video cameras. He reminds that Apple innovated everything from mobile music, photo, and video file storage so video recording must be next. His outlook is rosy with everything from onboard video editing solutions, something like an iMovie mobile app, to an easy way to send the finished product to Grandma for review. 

Could all this happen? Sure, we’ve seen plenty of patent submissions that indicate different video shooting modes. And video shooting has became sort of a standard feature on most phones. Until it actually pans out though, this claim will be filed in the rumor folder.