Free Windows 7 for a year


A new Windows 7 release candidate, to be available on May 5, will be free with no strings attached until June 2010, making the new OS available for one whole year for free. Updates and improvements will be included.

Why? Goodwill:

However, Curran believes that Windows 7 has already lifted much of the negativity that surrounded its predecessor. “The positive energy and momentum is quite a bit higher than it was in the Vista timeframe,” Curran conceded. “People are excited about Windows 7.”

As we know, Microsoft needs a win with Windows 7. Personally, I think they’ve got it. People are excited about this OS and that means a lot. By offering hackers and IT guys plenty of hands-on time with the upcoming OS, things could be looking up for Windows in general.

Interestingly, this could be a ploy to reduce the rumors that the OS is dropping on October 23, 2010.