Review: JBL Duet II speakers

Short version: An alright set of $99 computer speakers that, while lacking a dedicated subwoofer, do produce good lows as well as good highs.

Long version: The JBL Duet II speakers are good speakers. Really, they are. I hooked ’em up and turned on Burnout Paradise for some “testing” and they were impressive considering there isn’t a subwoofer in the set. The exhaust note of the Carson GT Flame was full and crisp, while the game’s soundtrack pumped out of the two speakers just fine.

Don’t expect the speakers to blow away a 2.1 setup, but these two speakers are easily the best 2.0 sub-$100 set I have ever heard. The highs are crisp, while the lows are full. Amazon sells the set for $75.38 down from the MSRP of $99.99.

Recommendation: The JBL Duet II are great speakers and highly recommended if there isn’t room for a satellite/subwoofer setup.