Sony to roll out two new data projectors

sony_data_projectorSony has announced two affordable projectors for the Japanese market today [JP] (no word yet on global availability). The VPL-EX7 and VPL-EX70 (pictured) are short focus video projectors that can produce a 60-inch image (1,024×768 resolution) when the devices are 180cm away from the screen.

The VPL-EX70 uses Sony’s proprietary BrightEra imaging technology, which is supposed to guarantee a higher aperture ratio, superior resolution and brighter image. It features 900:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 2,600 lumens. The VPL-EX7 only offers a contrast ratio of 500:1 and  produces a maximum of 2,000 lumens brightness. Both devices come with a 190W lamp that can survive for about 2,000 hours.

Sony plans to roll out the projectors in Japan on May 22. The VPL-EX7 will cost $700, while the VPL-EX70 will be priced at $1,000.