Will Twitter Be Acquired in 2009? You Can Bet On It.

Forget the pundits. If you want to know the real odds of something happening or not, follow the money. And at least one online bookie is saying that it’s more than 50% likely that someone will acquire Twitter this year.

Panama based BetOnline is letting people place bets on whether or not Twitter is acquired in 2009. They’re paying even money on a Google acquisition, the most likely suitor. Facebook pays 5 to 1, Microsoft pays 10 to 1 and Yahoo pays 20 to 1. If anyone else buys them it pays 5 to 1. Think they’re staying independent? You’ll get $2.5 for every dollar you bet if you’re right.

These odds will change over time as bets are placed, so if you have inside information or just have a gut feeling you’re willing to bet on, get your wallet out now. And I guess if the Twitter guys decide not to sell, they can make a nice bit of cash on the side by placing the appropriate bets.

Company spokesperson TJ Kendrick says he expects “brisk wagering on their new Twitter acquisition prop.”