Zero S electric motorcycle makes a wimpy noise but could be cool

I like the idea of electric motorcycles — you take an efficient idea and make it even more so. The GPR-S is my favorite so far, but this one looks pretty solid as well, and you can even buy it. The whole thing only weighs 225lbs, of which 80lbs are battery, giving it about a 60 mile range. I know, not exactly a cross-country job, but great for jaunts around the city.

There are more stats here. At $10,000, it’s a bit more than a GPR-S and a lot more than a regular bike, but it looks to be more lightweight and have improved range (a bit small, though?). Of course, these are pretty much the first production generation, so things will only get better. Anyway, I have to learn how to ride one first.

[via Treehugger]