Bose busts out the L1 Compact Portable Line Array System

Do you happen to enjoy a bit of busking on the weekend. Are you a one man band? Are you tad lazy and in need of a simple audio reproduction solution? If this sounds like you, and you have a spare thousand bones, Bose is here to help. The L1 Compact Portable Line Array System – hellof a name, eh? – uses Bose technology to fill the room with your audio goodness with only one speaker. How you ask? Who knows, it’s Bose magic.

l1_compact_extended_positionActually, the system utilizes a 14-inch line array and Bose ToneMatch signal processing for the audio. The company claims that this single setup will reduce the need for two speakers for accurate audio reproduction. This benefit will obviously reduce the need of multiple trips to the van before the performance. Plus, as we all know, musicians tend to be a rather lazy group so many might be willing to pony up the $999 in May for the convenience.

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The Most Portable, Easy to Set Up and Affordable L1 System

Today, Bose has introduced the new L1® Compact portable line array
system, the latest — and most portable — addition to the Bose® L1®
product line. Using advanced Bose technologies, an L1 Compact system
fills the room with only one speaker, and can be carried in a single
trip and set up in less than one minute.

The new L1 Compact system features an integrated low-frequency enclosure
and combines the amplifier, monitor, PA, mixer and EQ into a complete
audio system ready for simple connection to an instrument, microphone,
MP3 player, computer or other audio device. Like the Bose L1® Model I
and L1® Model II systems, the L1 Compact system continues the legacy of
the original Bose Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker — the product to
first introduce the company’s unique approach to live music
amplification. The new L1 Compact system was engineered to bring much
of the performance benefits of these systems to a broader audience of
musicians, DJs, and other performers and presenters.
New Bose® L1® Compact Portable Line Array System
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Bose Technologies Make the Difference
The L1 Compact system features a 14-inch line array and offers two
distinct setup configurations: extended (68″ tall) for larger venues or
collapsed (17″ tall) for smaller venues, where it can be placed on a
table or other elevated surface. There are no heavy tripod stands or
complicated speaker wires to connect — just a single AC power cord.

The system is convenient, yet powerful. Live music and speech, or
pre-recorded music benefits from Bose Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker
technology, which enables wide, uniform sound coverage across the stage
and throughout the audience — even off to the extreme sides.

Bose ToneMatch® signal processing is built in and optimizes the sound of
an instrument or microphone with an L1® system while reducing the need to
make complicated tonal adjustments. The L1 Compact system features two
ToneMatch circuits: channel one is designed for a dynamic handheld
microphone, and channel two includes a ToneMatch preset designed for an
acoustic guitar. Other instruments and audio devices also can be used
simultaneously via channel two, through a line-level audio output.

The L1 Compact system is fully compatible with the Bose T1 ToneMatch®
audio engine. Available separately, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine
provides musicians, DJs and presenters with an extensive library of
ToneMatch presets, custom EQ capability with proprietary Bose zEQ, and a
suite of studio-class effects and processing.

Professional Sound for Anyone
The benefits and simplicity of the L1 Compact system make it versatile
and accessible to anyone who needs a high-quality, portable sound system
at parties, community and athletic events or business presentations.
New Bose® L1® Compact Portable Line Array System
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Along with the XLR microphone and 1/4-inch instrument inputs, the L1
Compact system offers two inputs. The 1/8-inch stereo input allows for
connection to MP3 players, computers, satellite radios or any device
with a line-level audio output. The RCA stereo input accommodates
DVD/CD players, VCRs and DJ mixers.

The L1 Compact portable line array system is available from Bose for
$999 beginning May 1, 2009. The L1® Model I system sells for $1699; the
L1® Model II system is available for $2499. The complete line of L1®
portable line array products is available direct from Bose and through
Guitar Center® retail stores, Musician’s Friend online and select
independent retailers nationwide. For more information about Bose
products for musicians, visit or call toll-free
at 1-888-301-2073.