Nokia's Ovi to be launched globally in a month

nokiaoviVice president for Nokia media Marco Argenti outlined the plans for the Ovi Store they are preparing to launch next month. According to him the store will be an entertainment channel with applications and other content such as video, audio and games.

“We call it the personal media network, it will offer relevant, easy and pervasive ways of discovering new content – not only applications, but video, audio, games etc.” he said.

“We think if we make our channel extremely optimized, extremely relevant and drive conversions on a global basis that could become a preferred channel for a lot of developers. We are thinking of reaching about 50m customers just by upgrading the existing download clients and leveraging existing channels like Mosh.

“We also have a relevancy engine where, whether you are in the UK, Italy or Spain say, you will get a more localised experience. So those are competitive advantages that could make this distribution channel a very scalable and hopefully profitable one for developers.”

Then he flapped his arms and ran around on the stage like a chicken. Not really.

[Via Financial Times]