Mega Man II for iPhone: it sucks

mega_man_2_screenHow to kill buzz: After releasing an excellent retro-remake (say Mega Man 9), offer a poorly-ported version of perhaps the series’ most treasured game. Let’s just look at the basics, here. In porting a game from the original system, you might want to consider whether said system had a joystick or a D-pad, and then use that. I guess Capcom felt this was a better solution. Not to mention this pile has L and R buttons. The NES had A and B, guys. A and B.

I love Mega Man 2, but as nice as the iPod’s touchscreen is, I can’t picture doing the complex micro-movements necessary to beat this game on it. Jumping over Heat Man, stopping short and spinning mid jump, to dome him with a bubble before he even gets a shot off, then repeating in reverse a quarter second later as he goes the other direction? It’s hard enough on an NES controller — and according to the forum reviews here, it’s impossible on an iPhone.

You can still get it here if you really want to, but I’d stick with the original or an emulator for now.

For reference, Capcom.

[via Touch Arcade]