TechCrunch Europe meetups – Saturday and Monday in San Fran

Everyone knows there are plenty of Europeans already in Silicon Valley, but Web 2.0 Expo San Francicisco provides a reasonable opportunity for those of us on the other side of the pond to invade en masse. Which is why TechCrunch Europe is organising a couple of meetups as part of our particular invasion. How about that – a TechCrunch invasion from a different continent.

The first involves a bunch of British and Irish firms on a co-ordinated attack on the Valley. WebMission09 involves 20 companies rattling around the Valley meeting investors and making contacts. TechCrunch Europe is co-hosting them tonight (Saturday) for the WebMission09 Cocktails @ Ozumo bar, adjacent to the Harbor Court Hotel in downtown SF.

And on Monday night it’s an ad-hoc meetup in downtown SF just prior to Web2Expo. Logistics-wise we don’t have a venue for the meetup right now right now but it’s likely to be within striking distance of the Galleria Park Hotel on Sutter St. Sponsors of the bar are very welcome! To get an update on the venue for Monday, leave a comment on this post or follow Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe editor on Twitter, or follow the official WebMission09 hashtag of wm09 – you’ll find us.