Android ‘Cupcake’ demo shows browser zoom box, new desktop shortcuts, more

A recent video demo of Android’s latest “Cupcake” release shows off some interesting new features. It’s a 12+ minute thrill ride where you’ll see the following:

  • “Live Folders” shortcuts on the desktop
  • Zoom box in web browser for full page zooming
  • Camera previews are now in black and white, which apparently makes the camera more responsive
  • Video recording still isn’t working too well
  • “Global Time” features a spinning globe so you can see that time it is all over the world
  • Soft keyboard and notepad application
  • The video camera tips over at around 6 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Customizable window animation settings and transitions
  • AT&T shows up in the list of available network operators

[via Phandroid]